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I miss the chat

2014-12-08 02:36:19 by tigerkitty



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2014-12-08 02:45:37

Me too. Hopefully the new chat comes soon.

tigerkitty responds:

I hope so, but I sort of doubt it. How long did it take to get that one in the first place...


2014-12-08 02:46:46

I miss talking to you. We never do that anymore. :(

tigerkitty responds:

I know. I find it a lot harder to stay connected to NG without the chat. :(


2014-12-08 02:59:36

Before chat, my friends and I would just use one of our blogs... a tad slower than chat, but it works.

tigerkitty responds:

Yeah, I just like the instantaneous nature of it. You just can't beat real time conversation, you know?


2014-12-08 03:03:48

It's called a telephone, then it degenerated into IRC.. idk, you use what's at hand, ya know?

tigerkitty responds:

It's true. I guess it's just so easy to lose touch with people on here, then come to realize you actually do miss them.


2014-12-08 03:12:28

Yeah, it's become much harder to communicate with users now that the chat's gone :( I remember a lot of new users from the chat alone...considering that the chat had taken what, 4 years? I think Tom and co. won't do anything about it anymore. "We're working on it" yeah right


2014-12-08 03:16:59

The 'socialization' redesign, I thought would help, but maybe it's too little too late, but yeah, Chat being up again would certainly help. Some sites have it right on the side of their front page.

tigerkitty responds:

Maybe they just don't think enough people use it to justify spending time on it?


2014-12-08 03:36:09

I know what you mean. I feel like I've lost contact with the few users that I was still in contact with :(

tigerkitty responds:

Yeah :(

Like you :(

You ok?


2014-12-08 04:20:46

NG had chat?

tigerkitty responds:



2014-12-08 05:29:53


The chat was pretty darn swell and I never understood why it made some people (people who, oddly enough, I never saw in there) so grumpy.

How are you doing tk?

tigerkitty responds:

I'm alright! Keeping busy as per usual. So is Joe. He got accepted onto a PhD program where he's also lecturing at the University. So I'm insanely proud of him.


2014-12-08 07:51:41

Me too my friend. I'm still in contact with a few of my friends from chat either PM on here, skype, or by cell phone.

tigerkitty responds:

I need to do a better job of PMing people I guess


2014-12-08 08:28:43

I do too.
Haven't been on NG as much since it closed.

tigerkitty responds:

Neither have I. I'm trying at the moment, to re-involve myself. But half of it is the time aspect, with chat you'd just pop in for five minutes or whatever before work. The BBS doesn't really move fast enough for just a quick bit of time much anymore.


2014-12-08 09:51:41

I miss the chat too. It was a good way to interact with the Newgrounds people that I consider friends.


2014-12-08 10:59:41

Aw, you remember me <3 How sweet! I miss you and everyone and the chat too! I personally still have faith that chat will roll around soon enough. It may be a few months more, possibly another year, but I feel like chat is in progress. I honestly doubt they'd just lie to our faces least that's my hope!

tigerkitty responds:

I admire your hope :P


2014-12-08 11:23:17

We have a few Skype group chats going on. Add me on Skype and I can add you to them.


2014-12-08 11:34:18

Meh, I guess I'm just upset, because I'm not on the tigerkitty list :(
and that I wasn't on Chat enough, and at the mainstream times, to be noticed.
I tried the other IRC #newgrounds thing at, it's not bad.. Chromanut kinda took it over a lil while back (someone correct me if I'm wrong)

tigerkitty responds:

Yeah he defo took over IRC. Just as you-know-who took over the NG one. But as long as you didn't invoke his name he usually hung in the background and I'd just duck out whenever he'd start talking.


2014-12-08 18:06:22

I miss the chat and I miss talking to you guys as well. The only good thing of the chat being removed is that I got a lot personal projects done. The internet has become sort of lonely, as I don't keep in touch with many Newgrounders anymore. I would like to catch up with everyone.

tigerkitty responds:

lol yes. I do spend more time doing other things. Though saying that, one of those other things is Xbox, so I'm not being overly productive :P

And yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with why I miss chat. I find the internet lonely now.


2014-12-08 19:15:11

Not a day has gone by that I don't think of the chat.

tigerkitty responds:



2014-12-08 19:29:09

Me too.

tigerkitty responds:

less than threeeee Evan


2014-12-08 19:40:46

the chat was fun wild times, im in the same boat as grub. Things were getting done, but i feel more alone


2014-12-08 22:38:03


tigerkitty responds:

Hey, how you doin? Everything going ok?


2014-12-08 23:41:42

It was my last excuse to come to NG for.

tigerkitty responds:

Doggggieeee :(


2014-12-09 04:43:53

Thanks for the fave/llama/shoutout/addition/afterthought :) Oh wow, you take your Xbox online? Surprised you have any time for NG! I'm glad I never went down that road, though I do miss sitting on the couch and playing a buddy on a console, or in a LAN party.

Also glad 24901miles hasn't been baiting me lately ;) CivilLies just posted that he had a whizz bang of a seizure, and that it came out of nowhere :O And I got probs too, the world keeps spinning...

tigerkitty responds:

I don't really do much of the online side of gaming. I'm not that good lol. I don't really have much time for it since work keeps me pretty busy, but in moments of free time I like a good game :P

glad to hear you're not being baited so much, but sorry to hear you've got problems. I know everyone does, but that doesn't make it any better or any easier.


2014-12-09 11:56:18

I'm going good thanks. Just workin away. And it's almost the time of year for Christmas parties!

How about you?

tigerkitty responds:

I love Christmas parties!! I have two big ones I'm going to this year and I am well excited.

Joe and I just put an application in for a new rental house, and I think we've pretty much got it! I'm so excited!!


2014-12-09 12:42:40

No shoutout for Joe. I see how it is.

tigerkitty responds:



2014-12-09 19:59:44

Doing well!

Really well actually - you?

tigerkitty responds:

Really well, eh? What's made things go really well, as opposed to just well? That sounds exciting.

(As I just said to Dean) Joe and I just put an application in for a new rental house, and I think we've pretty much got it! I'm so excited!! We just viewed it yesterday and we went for it, it's such a lovely Victorian house! It's so nice!


2014-12-09 23:29:47

The chat definitely brought in new members too.
Tom should definately make a new chat a priority, brings in the traffic.

tigerkitty responds:

I would hope so, but I don't think it's a priority to the team :( It never really has been and I doubt ever will be.


2015-01-02 15:24:05

I miss chat too
Still hate Joe though


2015-01-04 12:23:58

When I was the newest newfag on the site I used to go on the chat every day (Used the name: Pixelwiz). When I left NG, I had no idea the chat would be gone when I came back. Ah, well. It would be nice if a new one is made, or (alternatively) if a whole group of NGers actually decided to gather on an IRC network.


2015-01-10 22:23:24

Never used the NG Chat, but I do miss the Stickam Chat. :(


2015-01-19 03:12:20

Happy new year :3 Hope everything's gone according to plan, and the new place is working out okay.

tigerkitty responds:

I love the new place!! It's wonderful. the new year so far has been a bit non-stop. But in a good way :)

How's your new year?


2015-01-20 14:56:08

I was supposed to have moved myself, so I'm just cleaning up the (still unsold) old farmhouse, feeding the kitties, hating the clay litter dust from the cat in the house.

I was watching the black sheep Bond movie Never Say Never Again yesterday, and when I saw Kim Basinger's tiger swimsuit, lol, I had to think of you!

tigerkitty responds:

Did you actually move, then? I'm glad some classic Kim Basinger reminds you of me :P I should consider that flattery lol


2015-02-09 02:30:08

Nah, still sitting on my hands, bleeding money :p Almost broke my butt on some icy stairs, and while carrying a cat box...

Regarding cats, I found this bag of pine pellets at the shop, supposed to absorb pee and stuff, so I'm transitioning over to it from clumping clay, it's weird, but if it works... maybe they've got something similar in the UK?

tigerkitty responds:

I'm glad you didn't actually break anything! I've heard pine pellets are supposed to be good at getting rid of the litter box smell. I don't know, personally.


2015-02-09 03:10:40

Okay @24901miles had to really sit out 3-4 days since I had to auto correct so quickly... fuck the cat box, I dropped it, rather than risking gravity, sliding down the icy stairs. Really glad it melted away clean, just in time for some fresh refreezing.

Really feel bad dude, no one wants an arctic shelf growing a few feet outside your front door |:


2015-02-10 03:06:40

Bent handle snow shovel, no discussion, absolute easiest way to move heavy white stuff, aside from cocaine. I didn't break anything like @voltage did, but I did wrench my lower back... just above and below where I had a discectomy 2 years earlier. Had to sit on the floor for a while today, and I can still feel the lower muscle's tightness :p

tigerkitty responds:

Snowblower ftw.

When my brother left the house it left me shoveling on my own; shoveling this massive drive was a bit beyond me most of the time, so my parents bought a snowblower. But you still had to shovel the very end where the snowplow was leave this mountain of slush and ice from the street.

The only time it was fun was when you're really little and you just get to play in it all day. My brother and I once dug a series of tunnels in this enormous snow bank at the edge of a parking lot. It was epic.


2015-02-13 23:27:57

OMG, sorry I missed your responce! In a way it had something to do with blog comments being reversed, kinda screws things up... like this cheap version of chat we got going on here |: I think it's really stupid to change the blogs to look like a forum thread, with oldest comments first - it just kills the conversation!


2015-03-11 13:15:48

life without newgrounds chat is hell for me

tigerkitty responds:

I was asking Joe about you the other day. How are you? How's uni? Still having fun with science?


2015-03-12 06:53:22

finished uni ages ago OMG. now i've got nothing to do so i'm going back in Sept. life is hell 24/7 but "joe"'s posts make me laugh.

hope you are well. got the deed to the castle yet? ha-ha! a nice victorian house, eh? a queen and a doctor, eh? i feel an altogether better class of person just for having spoken to you on the internet.

tigerkitty responds:

What are you going back for? I mean what are you continuing your studies in?

Joe frequently makes me laugh. He has that effect, it seems.

I'm getting another sort of half promotion at work, so slowly but surely I'm taking over. Soon it shall be mine!! Not yet, though. Still too much bureaucracy. Joe can keep his honorific, I'll drop the title. I like to see myself as one of the common folk. I imagine he'll be unbearable when he can legitimately put PhD on stuff. All his letters will have it, he'll sign his name with it at the end. He'll print business cards I'm sure.


2015-03-18 17:18:34



2015-03-28 00:28:39

The memory remaaaiiiiinnnsss ~

I miss it too, it's where I dated someone wonderful for the first time in forever. :(

Also, @Nebula @Rad @stormybutterfly @yurgenburgen @Gagsy @24901miles @Malachy @Asandir @Knights @tox

Favorite chat regulars forever.

tigerkitty responds:

I feel like I should already know who, but I don't...


2015-03-29 03:08:23

cuts wrist because dont see my name on there

tigerkitty responds:




2015-03-29 09:29:37

Sweet, congrats on the another half-promotion. Are you in a position to be able to gift jobs to unqualified half-wits yet? Asking for a friend.

I'm not sure yet. I've applied for three, one is a taught MSc in environmental bioscience and the others are MRes in biosciences. One offer, one interview and waiting to hear back on the MSc. What I'm doing it for is another question entirely and one I don't like to dwell on... I guess I will be keeping an eye out for any cool PhD programmes.

You did one in anthropology, didn't you? Gather that would have been an MA?

tigerkitty responds:

My BA is in Anthropology my MA is Archaeology. In hindsight I shouldve stuck with Anthropology, since I'm definitely more an anthropologist than an archaeologist. But they are quite closely married so I don't really feel I lost out.

We are looking to hire and I'm totally up for having a well educated bio-scientist on my team as long as they can pretend to care about history :P So, you know, let your friend know.

I will say, and Joe would probably agree, make sure a Master's is something you actually want. It's pretty brutal and exhausting.


2015-06-27 10:44:44


tigerkitty responds:


I only just noticed this comment. I suck, sorry.



2015-11-05 18:44:41

Holy shit, this post is almost a year old, and the Chat issue is even older >:( Same excuse too: old one was custom made and the dev ran off with scant notes left in his wake.... I thought the redesign was supposed to make stuff like this easier. (Old salt in old wound)

How's the old day-to-day treating you lately?


2015-11-05 18:45:57

Holy shit, this post is almost a year old, and the Chat issue is even older >:( Same excuse too: old one was custom made and the dev ran off with scant notes left in his wake.... I thought the redesign was supposed to make stuff like this easier. (Old salt in old wound)

How's the old day-to-day treating you lately? ...oh, rly is anarchy in the UK today :(

tigerkitty responds:

I apologize for not responding to this in any decent amount of time. I forget notifications.

I hope you're well and the new year is going great so far for you.


2016-01-19 01:40:46

I get sadder and sadder everytime I visit this site now. You guys were the only friends I ever really had.

tigerkitty responds:

don't be sad


2016-02-14 00:27:59

It's been really rough since the farm sold, hell I'd just be happy if the truck had heat at this point.

tigerkitty responds:



2016-03-19 08:05:22

Are you still mad at me, Jen?


2016-05-22 04:19:26

Chat's back.


2016-05-31 04:56:49


Also yay it's back


2016-09-28 07:55:31

don't feel bad, if you missed the chat, you can always do the emails just like me and @noir90 did.