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Free Speech

2014-04-18 02:33:48 by tigerkitty



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2014-04-18 02:56:11

Amen, sistah! ...don't worry, I'll show myself out.

tigerkitty responds:

You're always welcome!!


2014-04-18 03:11:28

In the States, there's this website called topix, where local gossip takes place. Apparently it's really big in the sticks, but the problem is gossip and slander. Last night I had heard a few awful stories on the radio... had no idea! Crazy old ladies would make up different alts, and start talking with themselves, just to destroy someone they barely knew!

While it's true you can't get arrested for speaking, it can make you a target for all sorts of dirty tricks.


2014-04-18 03:27:51

This looks like im now in vacance in Turkiye and...
Thats a real shame right!